ALFC Classroom Building Addition Abundant Living Family Church

With continued growth, the Abundant Living Family Church (ALFC) found themselves in need of room to expand their “Abundant Kids” children’s ministry facilities.

About Project

As a result, WLC was commissioned to both design and build ALFC’s Classroom Building Addition project. This two-story, 18,225 square foot facility is comprised of eight large classroom spaces, reception and office space, in-room toilet facilities, storage and electric traction elevator. The project required WLC to plan and reroute all campus existing utilities outside of the new building addition footprint prior to the start of building construction. Initial relocation of existing utilities took two months to complete (without any disruption of service), resulting in a remaining eight month construction duration. In the last month of construction, ALFC added over $70,000 of enhancements to the project via change order.

Description coming soon.

  • Estimated Cost$3.56 Million
  • Construction Cost: $3,647,163
  • Square Footage:18,225
  • Cost/Square Foot:$200
  • Construction Duration:10 Months
  • Completion Date:August 2015
  • Principal:Jonathan Clark
  • Project Managers:Mike Woods / Daryl Van Oran
  • Superintendent:Matt Wade
  • Delivery Method:CM/Multi-Prime

Education & Civic Construction Supervision

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ALFC Classroom Building Addition Abundant Living Family Church

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