Challenger School of Sports and Fitness

This large, 1,000 student, permanent elementary school was a prototype for the District. California Professional Management was hired after the first submittal to DSA and the firm had a completed a thorough constructibility review and project estimate.

About Project

Over $1 million of value engineering was identified and suggestions were incorporated into the project. The project is unique in its design, and careful attention was given to prioritize interior and exterior finishes for the highest product within the State budget. The project was completed with a credit of over $320,000.00 returned to the District.

  • Estimated Cost$13.4 Million
  • Construction Cost: $12.5 Million
  • Square Footage:74,000
  • Cost/Square Foot:$169
  • Construction Duration:14 Months
  • Completion Date:August 2004
  • Principal:Paul Bonaccorsi
  • Principal:Jonathan Clarke
  • Superintendent:Ken Wade
  • Delivery Method:CM/Multi-Prime

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