Project Description

Consistent with Proposition 39 recommendations, the District Wide Lighting Retrofit project comprised the removal and replacement of over 36,000 existing lamps at 17 different school campuses. The District procured new Luminaire LED lamps to replace existing fluorescent lamps and ballasts. The project included removal and remediation of all lamps and recycling of the existing ballasts (which served to help offset District costs). The design called for the existing wiring harness to be modified to receive the new LED lamp (which included an internal transformer and ballast). Lamps were placed in existing bases (or tombstones were replaced where damaged). In addition, emergency lighting was upgraded with new LED “Bug Eye” type fixtures throughout. All retrofit work was completed “after hours” with no disruption to teaching schedules. The District estimates an average annual savings of over $400,000 in energy costs. The LED lighting retrofit “pay-back” is anticipated in 5 years (with lamp life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours or 20 plus years of normal use).

Project Detail

  • Estimated Cost$2.18 Million
  • Construction Cost$2.09 Million
  • Area17 Campuses
  • Construction Duration5 Months
  • Completion DateNovember 2012
  • PrincipalJonathan Clarke
  • Project Manager Mike Woods
  • Superintendent Matt Wade
  • Project Manager Daryl Van Dran
  • Superintendent Matt Wade
  • Delivery MethodPM (Design/Bid/Build)

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