Irwin Academy Modernization

This modernization project is the third and final phase of a comprehensive overhaul of a 40’s era elementary school campus. Completion of the new multipurpose building (prior phase), allowed for the reconfiguration and renovation of the existing multipurpose, kitchen, office, and support spaces. The District converted the existing multipurpose/kitchen building into a new administrative center to include: new school entry/reception area, staff offices, nurse’s station, conference, and adjacent staff lounge. WLC donated the services of a professional artist who developed a mural illustrating the “essence” of the school. The existing office building was reconfigured to meet the needs of the District’s growing Special Education Program. The existing infrastructure was upgraded to current standards including: LED lighting, electrical, fire alarm, and communications systems as well as the addition of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

About Project

This new multipurpose building is a welcome addition to the existing Irwin Academy Elementary School campus. The facility is comprised of a new entry lobby, two music classrooms, performance area, full service kitchen, toilet and service rooms, and a 600 occupant multi-use room. Construction proved to be a challenge as the one acre site was inaccessible from two sides, combined with an existing grade change of over twenty-two feet. The finish floor at the northeast corner of the building is ten feet above the adjacent street. A vehicular food service ramp and receiving dock was incorporated into the project to eliminate the maintenance concerns with a traditional lift dock.

  • Estimated Cost:$4.6 Million
  • Construction Cost: $5 Million
  • Square Footage13,038
  • Cost/Square Foot$383
  • Construction Duration12 Months
  • Completion DateDecember 2007
  • Project ManagerWayne Johnston
  • PrincipalJonathan Clarke
  • Superintendent Eric Kristoffersen
  • Delivery MethodCM/Multi-Prime

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