Perris High School Modernization Perris Union High School District

Perris High School was the District’s first high school in the District and over the years, 31 buildings were built- creating a meandering grouping of classrooms and buildings. The Perris High School Modernization focused on modernizing 13 classrooms with structural upgrades for the mechanical AC units, new fire alarm system, gutting out the interior of classrooms, and providing new interior carpet, wallboard, ceiling, lighting, air conditioning, casework and sliding marker boards.

About Project

The exterior of the campus replaced underground gas lines, concrete paving, ramps and planters. The men and women’s gymnasiums were gutted and replaced with new flooring, lockers, benches, showers, lighting, and restrooms. The wood shop received a new AC unit, ductwork, and a new industrial dust collector. All campus restrooms were gutted and replaced with new lighting, new tile floors and walls, new toilets, sinks, and toilet partitions.

  • Estimated Cost$3 Million
  • Construction Cost: $3.3 Million
  • Square Footage:63,883
  • Cost/Square Foot:$52
  • Construction Duration:12 Months
  • Completion Date:September 2004
  • Principal:Paul Bonaccorsi
  • Project Manager:Daniel Gonzalez
  • Superintendent:Bill Bell
  • Delivery Method:CM/Multi-Prime

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