This project is comprised of three separate DSA and OPSC applications combined into one total bid.

Modernization II included the demolition of twelve outdated modular classrooms and replaced them with a fourteen classroom two-story modular building on permanent foundations with an elevator.

About Project

Modernization Ill included the extensive modernization of six modular classrooms. The track and field modernization included the demolition of existing finishes and bleachers and the installation of new synthetic sports surfaces and bleachers. Site improvements were a part of all three projects and included upgrades for access compliance. All work was coordinated with the school to minimize disruption to educational and sports programs.

  • Estimated Cost$4.47 Million (Phase 1)
  • Estimated Cost$6.5 Million (Phase 2)
  • Construction Cost$4.7 Million (Phase 1)
  • Construction Cost $6.7 Million (Phase 2)
  • Square Footage24,217 (Phase 1)
  • Square Footage 10,033 (Phase 2)
  • Completion DateAugust 2015 (Phase 1)
  • Completion DateAugust 2016 (Phase 2)
  • PrincipalPaul Bonaccorsi
  • Senior Project Manager Jeffrey Miller
  • SuperintendentAndy Galbraith
  • Delivery MethodCM Multi-Prime

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