Sunnymead Elementary School Moreno Valley Unified School District

This project was constructed for the Moreno Valley Unified School District and is another one of WLC’s “prototype” elementary schools, which is based on the Ramona plan. The project was bid without local agency off-site approvals in order to meet the District’s occupancy goals. The District also required demolition of adjacent residential properties prior to WLC commencing with construction on the project.

About Project

Off-site street improvements were required to be constructed on all four sides of the property. The “fast-tracked” schedule was further shortened by the District (one month) to open the school in August 2007 and eliminating the District’s year schedule.

  • Estimated Cost$15.9 Million
  • Construction Cost: $15.1 Million
  • Square Footage:53,600
  • Cost/Square Foot:$281
  • Construction Duration:12 Months
  • Completion Date:August 2006
  • Principal:Paul Bonaccorsi
  • Project Manager:Daniel Rodriguez
  • Superintendent:Andy Powell
  • Delivery Method:CM/Multi-Prime

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