West Palms Conservatory Victor Elementary School District

This 725 student elementary school was a “repeat” of the District prototype school (Endeavor). The basic campus plan remains intact with one additional kindergarten room to increase student capacity and provide a specialized music room.

About Project

Two playground areas were provided to separate upper and lower grade students. A full-size soccer field was provided for shared community use. The District realized a reduction in fees for A&E and construction management services due to the “repeat” nature of the project.

  • Estimated Cost$17 Million
  • Construction Cost: $17.1 Million
  • Square Footage:61,500
  • Cost/Square Foot:$278
  • Construction Duration:13 Months
  • Completion Date:June 2007
  • Principal:Jonathan Clarke
  • Project Manager:Kevin Bryant
  • Superintendent:Ken Wade
  • Delivery Method:CM/Multi-Prime

Education & Civic Construction Supervision

Leading the way in Construction Management

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