By Nick Kipley, Reporter |On Jan. 9|

In the library of Rim of The World High School, the Rim of The World Unified School District’s Board of Education convened to talk business and be provided an update about the status of the ongoing large-scale maintenance project taking place at Rim of The World High School. A facilities construction update was provided by Jenny Haberlin who broke down the progress of the project and gave a thorough explanation of the funds that had been used. The update Haberlin provided in her presentation explained that the school district should have enough money left over to fix cosmetic issues like the mural which was painted over at the start of refurbishments. Haberlin struck a hopeful tone with the board during her presentation when she noted that the project is on track and under budget.
As it currently stands, the project is estimated at 95% complete. The main two projects that remain are installing new signage and water-testing the windows to ensure they are all leak-free.
There’s currently $198,222.65 left in Measure W funds, which will be committed to signage and possible restoration of the Rim High Mural or other projects. Along with that money, there’s also $549,996.26 remaining in the capital outlay fund and $571,530.00 in the fund 1 reserve. The state matching fund is down to $0 because that money needed to be spent by the school. An audit will take place after the project is complete.
The routine maintenance planned across the district for the remaining fiscal year include the completion of water stations district-wide, the completion of daily staff assigned work orders, all preventative maintenance on district systems scheduled through the districts work order system, an overhaul of existing burglar alarm systems, repairing emergency generators (VOE, RHS, CHE), and the cleanup of fallen tree limbs and leaves during storms. Due to the age of the pipes in all the schools in the system, plumbing remains an ongoing problem so any issues to do with the plumbing system are addressed on an ad-hoc basis.
While examining a hand-out of the way the money for the project was spent, board member Jordan Zarate commented on the fact that for the number of repairs conducted at Rim High School, in particular, it was impressive that the whole project was under budget in every area of construction.
So far, facades have been painted, patches of cracked concrete and asphalt have been repaired, deteriorating stairs have been mended, new drinking fountains have been installed, leaky roofing has been fixed, new energy-efficient windows have been installed, and scuffed linoleum and plaster have been replaced.
“There will be three new murals. It won’t be Mel Gibson – he’s not coming back, the school is looking at new designs,” Todd L. Beal, Associate Superintendent, Personnel and Pupil Services Rim of the World Unified School District said. “[Rim of The World High School] has a new mascot so they’re looking to put that new mascot on there. It’s a ‘Scottish warrior guy’ – just more of a cartoon-like character.”
“He has a silvery beard and a sword and a shield and an ‘R’ on the shield for Rim,” Beal added.
At the time of press, Beal was unsure where the third mural was going to be placed, but he was able to provide the Mountain News with a picture of the new mascot and his name.
“His name is Lacklan, which was selected by a vote of the student body,” Beal said, “There still hasn’t been a decision on where the murals will be placed on the campus. They may end up in the same places as before, but the administration and staff will be coordinating on the best placement.”
Following Haberlin’s update, the board discussed upcoming events and some new findings from an educator’s contention that a few members had attended.
For all those interested in attending, the next Rim of the World Unified School District Board of Education Meeting will take place on Jan. 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Rim of The World High School Library.